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High Yield PM Investment Inc. is an international Forex Trading and Real Estate investment company with offices worldwide. We source, renovate, rent and sell high end luxury property around the globe as well as our Traders trade in all major currencies, commodities, stocks and bonds.

High Yield PM Investment Inc. has a strong equity base. The company invests in various types of existing properties and creates value through active management. The availability of discretionary capital and an efficient decision making process allow for quick and pragmatic actions. Since inception in 2008, High Yield PM Investment Inc. has invested more than 800 million US dollar. We accomplish this with an experienced team and a proven track record, sophisticated investment strategies, and a broad range of products with superior, client-driven services.

Growing your wealth is a partnership between High Yield PM Investment Inc and you. Helping you reach your financial objectives by offering wise advice on investing your money is what we do best. We have learned from years of experience that every client is an individual with his or her own life priorities. That means we take a whole-of-the-market view to provide you with the best financial products and services tailored to you as an individual.

Investment Management strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance and best-in-class service to a diverse client base, which...          >>read more