1. Create an e-currency account of PM.
2. Funds your PM account.

3. Click the 'INVEST' button on our
4. You will get your payment directly to
    your PM account on time.
Our Referral Program is one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. We pay upto 18% referral commission for each deposit made by clients that were referred by you. Earned commission is paid directly into your e-currency account on time. To participate in our referral program you don't need to have your own deposit.

Getting a referral link for the e-currency of PerfectMoney users:
Your referral link looks like http://www.hypmfund.com/?XXX, where XXX must be replaced by your PerfectMoney account number.

For example:
Your PerfectMoney account is U1234567. Then your referral link will be: http://www.hypmfund.com/?U1234567