1. Create an e-currency account of PM.
2. Funds your PM account.

3. Click the 'INVEST' button on our
4. You will get your payment directly to
    your PM account on time.

Enter Amount ($ USD):   (Start from $2500)
Your E-mail: 
Your Deposit Plan:  Senior Fund: 60% fixed daily interest


How to start?(If you are deposit with Bitcoin)
Step 1: Download and run the Bitcoin software or get an online bitcoin wallet
Step 2: Buy bitcoin.
Step 3: Make a transfer into our bitcoin address. (You can find our bitcoin address in our site)
Step 4: Mail to us with your bitcoin address. Then Waiting for your payment,we will send payment automatic and directly into your Bitcoin wallet
Step 5: Sell your Bitcoins

our Bitcoin address: 1CcqkBib5YmNGYCWw7SQAqfXzTV8Vzwimi